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Lessons learned from the starfish.

The book every teacher wishes they read before they started teaching.

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"This is a perfect gift for any teacher, parent or lover of both. I believe that education is the catalyst that will pull children out of poverty and help them to success. I couldn't put the book down!"
" I would highly recommend this book to all parents, who sadly are too often unaware of the powerful allies that caring and dedicated teachers can be to parents in the rearing of their children."
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Frequently asked questions

Why is this book good for new teachers?

I loved my education. I look back fondly on the time I spent in the classes I took and remember the excitement had in my journey to become a teacher. However, what I didn't learn was how real the kids and the problems they bring are when I entered the class room. One of the reasons I wrote this book was to prepare teachers to the fact that the students and their lives are much more real than they seem when they are learning to become a teacher.

Is this a children's book?

It is more a story about children, but I've learned many parents have read the stories with their children. What they found is that the children are interested in learning more about the lives of the other children. Finding ways to empathize with children that may not have what they have or grew up with different problems than they have.

What is in this book for me?

When I decided to put this book together, I thought back about the children I connected with through my 25 years of teaching. What I realized was, I came to know and remember the kids most through the stories from home that they brought with them. Which, I think is what leads to becoming a successful teacher. My hope is that the teachers that read this book find ways to connect more with their students and are able to become more effective as a result.